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PTN is the most challenging & competitive network in the world. Our miners need to provide futures based signals ( long/short) that are highly efficient and effective across various markets to compete (forex, crypto, indices). The top miners are those that provide the most returns, while never exceeding certain drawdown limits.


  1. Miners can submit LONG, SHORT, or FLAT signal for Forex, Crypto, and Indices trade pairs into the network.
  2. Orders outside of market hours are ignored.
  3. Miners can only open 1 position per trade pair/symbol at a time.
  4. Positions are uni-directional. Meaning, if a position starts LONG (the first order it receives is LONG), it can’t flip SHORT. If you try and have it flip SHORT (using more leverage SHORT than exists LONG) it will close out the position. You’ll then need to open a second position which is SHORT with the difference.
  5. Position leverage is bound per trade_pair. If an order would cause the position’s leverage to exceed the boundary, the position leverage will be clamped.
  6. You can take profit on an open position using LONG and SHORT. Say you have an open LONG position with .75x leverage and you want to reduce it to a .5x leverage position to start taking profit on it. You would send in a SHORT signal of size .25x leverage to reduce the size of the position. LONG and SHORT signals can be thought of working in opposite directions in this way.
  7. Miners can explicitly close out a position by sending in a FLAT signal.
  8. Miners are eliminated if they are detected as plagiarising other miners. (more info in the “Eliminations” section).
  9. There is a fee per trade pair position. The fee scales with leverage. e.x a 10x leveraged position will have a 10x higher fee.
  10. There is a minimum registration fee of 5 TAO on the mainnet subnet.
  11. There is an immunity period of 9 days to help miners submit orders to become competitive with existing miners. Eliminated miners do not benefit from being in the immunity period.
  12. Based on portfolio metrics such as omega score and total portfolio return, weights/incentive get set to reward the best miners.

With this system only the world’s best traders & deep learning / quant based trading systems can compete.

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